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Enabling growth
by reimagining
Your business

It’s the things you cannot see or do not know exist,
that are most dangerous to your business:
Breaking the ice around owning your own business.

Sound advice from an experienced business owner, with a strong emphasis on financial strategy

Access to a trusted network of the industry’s finest professionals. From lenders to tax attorneys, your business is in good hands

A potent combination of energy and focus to reorganize, restructure, and revitalize your company

We make your next, pivotal business decision empowering, not overwhelming

You’ve built your company’s success with force and determination, but no amount of grit can shake the feeling that you’re missing something when it comes to business strategy.

We know that a booming business can sometimes feel more overwhelming than a failing one. Critical details like selecting the appropriate entity formation, choosing a payroll company, or preparing for tax season can feel crushing. Streamlining your processes and planning for future growth seems like a pipedream.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a brilliant vision or a proven business leader who wants to prepare your company for its next success, your business will grow stronger when it grows with an airtight strategy.

At Black Ice Advisory, we offer strategic business planning that positions your company for the next step.

We work with businesses in verticals like manufacturing, agriculture, and construction; companies that face a lot of pressure on a daily basis, who need support and guidance on the legal and admin side of their business to achieve what they want.

Your hardworking company can be smarter and smoother than the competition. We’ll help you build an ambitious future of streamlined operations and unlimited growth potential; covering everything from time management, people management, and organization optimization.

Build a more resilient business

Together, we’ll dig deeper into your corporate structure and operational procedures to ensure they’re serving both your daily goals and your vision for the future.


We’ll be an objective, yet supportive sounding board when you can’t make a decision, and an encouraging enforcer when stagnation and unproductivity have stopped you and your company in its tracks.


Things may have to change and it will be scary, but you won’t have to do it alone, or at all. We are here to present you with options and explain the potential outcomes.


We’re here to help.

Business consulting that helps you fill
the gaps in your company roadmap

Your business, and the company you’ve built, are unique. We honor that truth by bringing passion and personal attention to every client, no matter their goals or needs.

When you work with us, we’ll create a strategy that moves your company forward and explore key tactics to enhance and strengthen your company, such as

Entity Formation

Streamlined Operations

Succession Planning

Mergers & Acquisitions

Process Creation &

Employee Retention

Expansion Into
New Markets

Training & Hiring
Your “Dream Team”

Prioritization &

Proud to work with
innovative Clients

Low Engagement

20 Hours

per month

A good fit for businesses that need advice or direction a few times per month, or who want to explore how they could improve their processes.

Medium Engagement

40 Hours

per month

A good fit for businesses that want to implement some procedural changes but also need to start thinking about a long-term strategy that positions them for growth.

High Engagement

80 Hours

per month

A good fit for businesses who need high-touch attention for almost everything in their company, from forming a business entity to preparing to sell or succession plans.