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Providing services from entity formation to succession planning


If you’ve hit a wall in your company growth, it’s likely built of:

  • Operations that are held back by outdated processes
  • Staff retention numbers that prove your employees don’t feel valued
  • Uncertainty on how to expand to new markets
  • Indecision on how to address succession planning

We’ll dismantle that wall, brick by brick, by identifying the specific places where your people, processes, and finances no longer serve your goals – and create a strategy that does.

As business owners, most of our time is spent putting out fires, leaving little time for thinking about the future or fine-tuning our operations.

That doesn’t mean you don’t know how to strategize, plan, and execute. Sometimes, we just need a dedicated set of eyes outside the day-to-day business to help you get clarity. 

Finance-focused business advice and real-world strategy from a fellow business owner


Whether you’re beginning an entrepreneurial journey or you want to secure your company’s future with a forward-thinking strategy, we offer the services that support your goals.

Entity Formation

Starting a business is equal parts thrilling and terrifying We can remove some of the fear from the… 

equation because we’ve actually done this. Depending on your company’s needs, we can help assemble a team of trusted professionals to pull the plan in place and get you where you need to go.

Think of us as your experienced business partner who knows exactly what to do to realize your business idea (and doesn’t have an obnoxious opinion about the logo design).

Streamlined Operations

Ever get the feeling there’s a better/faster/cheaper way of doing what you do? 

Yeah, there probably is when you’re close to a problem, it’s hard to see the solution. We help you examine how each piece of your business impacts the other and how to create a more cohesive, complementary approach; all with an objective and experienced eye.

Succession Planning

No business owner wakes up one day and says ‘I need to make a plan to protect my company… 

for when I die’. Who wants to think about the worst case scenario, or the position their spouse is in the days following your death? 

Succession planning may feel uncomfortable and you probably want to ignore it – but it is essential. Looking after your years of hard work and financial investment has to be done.

Take care of your business’ details now and you’re ensuring your spouse or business partner can deal with the grief of losing you without the heart-wrenching headache of sorting out your company too. 

Effective succession planning should be difficult, but it should also provide something priceless; peace of mind. Proper planning is followed by implementation with urgency. 

We’re not attorneys and we really don’t want to be your CPA, but we do want to know who you are working with. We’ll cover: who you want your business to go to; buy-sell agreements between you and your partners; details of debt-fulfillment; life insurance; and business valuations. 

Not only will we cover the above, we’ll also examine and explain the situational consequences of each choice, from a legal, tax, and finance perspective.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Your company can grow and pivot more quickly by adding businesses… 

or merging with companies that support your goals. But seamless mergers and acquisitions require unwavering focus and attention to every detail – hardly something you have time for.

We’ll help you identify opportunities for mergers and acquisitions that transform your company and expand its potential. Then we’ll offer sound business advice at every stage of the transition process.

Process Creation &

If you’ve been too busy forming and growing your company to create standard processes and…

enforce them across your business, it’s time to start.

We’ll assist you with process creation and standardization that makes your employees more efficient and boosts their productivity. We’ll help you identify areas for improvement and opportunities to scale.

Employee Retention

Replacing employees is expensive and time-consuming. Every time you lose an employee you lose the…

valuable experience they brought to their role and you lose time and money training their replacement.

We’ll show you clever tactics beyond the regular, old cash bonus to ensure your happy and productive team members stay happy and productive.

Expansion Into
New Markets

Your company can expand sales and grow revenue by pivoting your products and services into…

an untapped market. But finding and planning for those opportunities takes time, and you’re busy.

We’re here to perform the research, connect you with the right players, and help you financially prepare.

Training & Hiring
Your “Dream Team”

Haphazard hiring is like treading water – your company will flail just enough to stay afloat…

If you’re ready to grow, you’re ready to start hiring with purpose. 

Finding and training the right team members takes intention, and we’ll show you how you can define the job roles you need for your business strategy and find (or train) the right candidates to fit them.

How we work together

We work with you to identify your needs, make a plan to address them, and then implement that plan with action, skill, and foresight.



In a series of discovery sessions, we’ll ask a lot of questions about your business, your operational or staffing problems, and your goals for the company.



Our business advice is equal parts honest and inclusive. Working with you, we’ll create a corporate strategy that takes you step-by-step to the goals you have defined.



With goals defined and a detailed, actionable corporate strategy in place, we’ll help you execute your plan with practical advice and meaningful measurement of success along the way.

Packages & Pricing

No matter which package you choose, we bring persistence, versatility, and good, old-fashioned hard work to each client.

Your price point does not equal our dedication point, and we’re proud of our committed service to every client, every time.


20 hours


Maybe you want an objective business mind to act as your personal sounding board. Maybe you’d like to explore how technology could improve your processes and productivity.

If you’re looking for low engagement hours that still pack a big punch to your corporate strategy, this is the right package for your company.


40 Hours


This is the package for companies who are ready to start exploring procedural changes that could boost operations. Or identify processes that are no longer serving their goals.

It’s also a great package for starting discussions about long-term company strategy: defining a corporate vision and creating a plan to help it grow.


80 Hours


If you need high-touch, near-constant advice and action, this is the package for you.

We’ll explore, plan, and execute everything from entity formation to process creation/implementation to financial strategy. We won’t have an answer for everything, but for what we don’t have an answer for, we know someone that does.

Frequently asked questions

The answer to that question is unique to every single business, but you can start to understand how much business advice you need by making a note of how many times per week you think, “I’d really like to be able to talk to someone about this [problem/decision/idea].”

We’re passionate about financial literacy and actively involved, via our sister company Green Cedar Finance, in offering financial counseling to demographics who have traditionally left behind in financial discussions. So finance is a big part of who we are and what we think is important in creating the most potent corporate strategy possible for your company.

We’ve worked with companies in verticals like agribusiness, construction, and manufacturing for years and we get a kick out of helping them succeed. These are industries that have been underserved in most areas of business planning, especially financial strategy. We’re here to show owners of “blue collar” businesses that their companies deserve access to the same business acumen & education as their “white-collar” counterparts.

Yes. Business is business – and an operating agreement keeps everyone’s best interests protected.

“All working situations require a level of distance between people. You are trying to work, not make friends; friendliness (real or false) only obscures the fact. The key to power, then, is the ability to judge who is best able to further your interests in all situations.”

Robert Greene, The 48 Laws of Power.

You can never be too careful when working with a friend.

We all know agribusiness, construction companies, and manufacturing companies that treat their employees as disposable tools. Those companies don’t grow. If you’re ready to start building your company into a tiered, structured business with opportunities to scale and expand, you need to identify the employees that are doing a stellar job and find ways to keep them.

You may have been coasting without insurance for a while now, but every day you do, you’re putting your company at risk. We can put you in touch with the right people to evaluate your current plan, identify dangerous gaps in coverage, and tell you what it all means. Risk-transfer can make or break your business. Most important & misunderstood topics for industries I work with: worker’s compensation, cyber security, certificates of insurance, letters of indemnity, errors & omissions, and inland marine.

Business owners in industries like agribusiness, construction, and manufacturing are often resistant to tech tools because they seem time-consuming to understand and implement. We can show you the tech tools others in the industry are using to get ahead of the competition and how valuable they can be to your growth goals.